Jessica DeWall Canfield

Faculty Developer ~ Adjunct Instructor: Arts & Sciences ~ Life-Long Learner


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Courses Certified for:

SOCI210: Introduction to Sociology - Students are provided an integrated survey of the fundamental concepts of culture, forms of collective behavior, community and social organization, social interaction, and social change. The social effects of aviation and the impact of science on the social order living in an air age will also be investigated.

SOCI300: Marriage and Family - This course analyzes the sociological, physical, psychological, legal and economic aspects of the American family. Demographic trends and interpersonal behavior in family and marriage are discussed, including childbearing and divorce, theories of mate selection, preparation for marriage, marital interaction, sexuality, parenthood and marital adjustment. Contemporary controversial issues, such as the relationship of unmarried couples, alternative marriage forms, abortion, and violence are also addressed as they relate to the family

SOCI310: Personality Development - This course is a survey of selected theories of human nature and functioning from the beginnings of modern Psychology to present developments, including psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral, biological, humanistic and other types. Various concepts of personality and the associated methodologies for gathering validating knowledge are explored. Theories are applied to normal issues in personal, professional and relational life, and theory-related skills are taught for self-awareness, problem-solving, habit change, and emotional and interpersonal competence.  

PSYC220: Introduction to Psychology - This course will introduce the student to the field of psychology, and is a survey of the bio-psychosocial continuum and the intra-psychic, interpersonal, and organizational factors affecting human behavior. A primary feature of the course is its focus on the scientific method as the route to psychological knowledge. Students examine the rationalist, empiricist and experimental foundations of the scientific method and how these foundations can be critiqued. Topics include sensation, perception, learning, motivation, emotion, memory, personality, psychopathology, physiological psychology and social processes. Emphasis is placed on the application of the basic principles of psychology to engineering, aviation, public policy and business. 

FACD101: Teaching at ERAU Worldwide - This is an introductory course for all prospective instructors at ERAU's Worldwide teaching campuses, for Worldwide-Online or both. The course covers the responsibilities of new ERAU instructors, best practices for course preparation and course delivery, required training, and provides perspective for teaching in aerospace and military environments.

FACD300/300L: Instructional Use of Blackboard with Lab - This is an introductory course for all prospective instructors at ERAU's Worldwide teaching center, Worldwide Online, or both. The course covers the features of ERAU's Course Management System and their instructional uses, including best practices.

FACD302: Supporting Online Learners - This is an introductory course for all prospective online instructors for Worldwide. It also has application for any ERAU instructor using a blended format. The course covers best practices in online learning, student-centered approaches to teaching, and instructional applications of web-based tools for collaboration. 

FACD400: Making the Blend - This four-week course explores teaching and learning principles inherent to creating and delivering a course using blended-learning modality.  The course reviews instructional approaches used to enhance instruction, explores key ingredients necessary to engage, and demonstrates web tools for utilization within a blended course offering.  Modeling the blended format, participants meet once a week via EagleVision for a two-hour development meeting, and are required to complete online coursework used to create a three module blended template within ERAU's standard Learning Management Systems (LMS). 

FACD802: Igniting Research In Your Course - This is an integral training component in support of the selected University-wide Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) topic as it relates to inquiry-based activities.  This four-week course is the second of a two-part series to help explore what is meant by inquiry-based learning and to identify features and components found within a course that supports the QEP topic.  This is a blended course in which participants will meet once during a four-week period via EagleVision to establish a collaborative synchronous session, and are also required to complete online coursework within Blackboard (Bb).  Throughout the course, faculty will discuss and share research techniques and practices inherent to both industry and academia as exposed through practice or literature, as well as those unique to ERAU.  This course reviews the process of gathering research materials, and how those materials inform pedagogical in-class teaching practices from the smallest unit, such as an in-class learning activity. 


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Courses Certified for:

SNHU107: Success Strategies for Online Learning - This course focuses on student success strategies for students who are new to higher education or online learning. Skill areas include academic research and writing, effective communication in an online environment, critical thinking, self-advocacy and support services, community learning and group collaboration, and the empowerment of students to utilize their strengths in order to improve the likelihood of academic success.

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