Jessica DeWall Canfield

Faculty Developer ~ Adjunct Instructor: Arts & Sciences ~ Life-Long Learner


FACD 101 (Formerly FACD 701): Teaching at ERAU Worldwide

This is an introductory course for all prospective instructors at ERAU's Worldwide teaching campuses, for Worldwide-Online or both. The course covers the responsibilities of new ERAU instructors, best practices for course preparation and course delivery, required training, and provides perspective for teaching in aerospace and military environments.

FACD 300/300L (Formerly FACD700/700L): Instructional Use of Blackboard with Lab 

This is an introductory course for all prospective instructors at ERAU's Worldwide teaching center, Worldwide Online, or both. The course covers the features of ERAU's Course Management System and their instructional uses, including best practices.

FACD 302 (Formerly FACD 702): Supporting Online Learners 

This is an introductory course for all prospective online instructors for Worldwide. It also has application for any ERAU instructor using a blended format. The course covers best practices in online learning, student-centered approaches to teaching, and instructional applications of web-based tools for collaboration. 

FACD 400: Making the Blend 

This four-week course explores teaching and learning principles inherent to creating and delivering a course using blended-learning modality.  The course reviews instructional approaches used to enhance instruction, explores key ingredients necessary to engage, and demonstrates web tools for utilization within a blended course offering.  Modeling the blended format, participants meet once a week via EagleVision for a two-hour development meeting, and are required to complete online coursework used to create a three module blended template within ERAU's standard Learning Management Systems (LMS). 


FACD 801: Ignite Pedagogy Introduction 

This is an introductory course created to present a general overview of the selected University-wide Ignite Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) topic.  This self-paced tutorial briefly explains how inquiry-based teaching and learning differs from the more traditional approaches, offers guidance on preparing and conducting inquiry-based activity, and introduces the general characteristics of an inquiry-based activity.  

EagleVision: Mastery of Skills

This is a required course for all faculty teaching within the EagleVision (web video conferencing) modality.  This training session provides the necessary tools and know how to instruct highly interactive, real-time virtual learning, ending with a final certification demonstration in EagleVision technology. 

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