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Faculty Developer ~ Adjunct Instructor: Arts & Sciences ~ Life-Long Learner


As a Faculty Developer, I have been given the opportunity to work with some really exceptional Faculty. In addition, the ability to leverage technology to make teaching and learning fun has been an added perk. Below you will find some Artifacts of work I have completed as a Faculty Developer. I have included a brief description of each Artifact. 

FACD302 - Supporting Online Learners: This is an award winning Faculty Development course I designed in 2014 in collaboration with my colleague at the time, Sara Ombres. I have included this link to the Blackboard ECP Rubric for further perusal of what being a Blackboard Catalyst Award Winner entails. The following is the Poster we presented at the Blackboard World conference in 2014 describing our course.

ERNIE Portal Training: In the months prior to my departure from the CTLE Department at ERAU-Worldwide, we were given access to Articulate Storyline. Although I did not get much of a chance to create training's within the program, I was able to create the following training to guide Faculty through the ERNIE portal. During this training, Faculty were asked to open their own ERNIE portal in order to follow along. 

Select the image above to access the training. This training will open in a new tab.

Faculty Tenure and Promotion ePortfolio Presentation: I was given the opportunity to present to the Embry-Riddle Worldwide Faculty Senate on the usefulness of ePortfolio's in the Tenure and Promotion process. In addition, due to this presentation, I was instrumental in creating a Faculty Tenure and Promotion template within Foliotek for Faculty to utilize in the Tenure and Promotion process. I have included the presentation I created as well as the Speaker Notes to the presentation below. 

Faculty Tenure/Promotion ePortfolio

SLOAN-C 2013 Poster Presentation: The following Prezi presentation is from the SLOAN-C presentation I gave in April of 2013 in collaboration with my former colleague, Sara Ombres. The presentation "Talking the Talk" and "Walking the Walk": Modeling the Online Learning Experience for New Online Instructors, addressed how our Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence utilized Active Learning in order to train new online instructors. 

EV-anars: An EV-anar is a 20 minute informal "Just In Time" training session hosted in Adobe Connect, ending with an open Q&A session and general dialogue with the presenter. These sessions were offered monthly and covered basic teaching topics based upon suggestions from the Faculty pool. Although these are not the actual EV-anars with participants, I had the opportunity to record some of my presentations utilizing Camtasia. Please see a few of the topics I presented on in the monthly EV-anars below.

Blackboard ECP Reviewer: In addition to submitting FACD302 for an ECP, I also volunteered in 2013 as an ECP Reviewer for the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program. I was able to review multiple courses to assess their design against the Blackboard ECP Rubric. Not only was this an amazing experience in which I learned invaluable lessons on exemplary course design, I was also inundated with exciting ideas to implement in future courses.  

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